If you are conscious of the size of your nostrils and feel that they adversely affect your appearance alarplasty — or the narrowing of the nostrils — is a procedure that can make a world of difference to your looks. Our nostrils are probably not something that most of us pay too much attention to in general but if your dislike of yours is taking over your life it’s time to talk to us because at BB Clinic & Beauty Center we offer a simple and minimally invasive procedure that will help change the way you look.

Why should I choose alarplasty?

• If you feel your nose or nostrils are too wide and are affecting your appearance
• If your nostrils are noticeably not symmetrical

The risks of alarplasty

An alarplasty procedure doesn’t involve a long recovery period and is a simple and minimally invasive procedure however, as with any surgical procedure, there is a low chance of risk. When you contact us for an online consultation this will be made clear to you. If you have any queries at all about your procedure, please ask us as many questions as you wish.



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