Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a procedure that removes excess skin, muscle and fat from the upper and lower eyelids. The end result is a younger and more ‘wide awake’ look.

At BB Clinic & Beauty Center you can choose whether to have just your upper, just your lower, or all four of your eyelids operated on at the same time. Our surgeons can help you decide and will explore your options with you during the consultation process.

Why choose lower eyelid surgery?

• If the appearance of your eyes is affecting your confidence and the way you feel about yourself
• If you want to turn back the clock and recapture some of your lost youth
• If your eyes make you look older than you actually are



The risks of lower eyelid surgery

Just like any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with lower eyelid surgery. When you contact us for an online consultation these will be made clear to you. If you have any queries at all about your procedure, please ask us as many questions as you wish. Risks differ from patient to patient depending on certain factors however our surgeons have an excellent track record of outstanding results.

The facts

Procedure time: 1-3 houra
Anesthesia: General or local with sedation
Possible side effects: temporary tightness of lids, burning or itching of eyes, excessive tearing and light sensitivity
Back to work: 7-10 days
Strenuous activity: 3 weeks
Bruising gone: 2-4 weeks

Please note that this should only be used as a guide

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