Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Commonly known as nose surgery, or ‘a nose job’ rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure which involves reshaping the nose in order to make it more proportional with the rest of the face. Nose surgery is not just about reducing the size of the nose, noses can also be increased in size, should that create a better sense of balance in your face.

All aspects of the nose can be altered. As well as the size being changed the shape of the tip and/or the bridge can be altered and the nostrils can be narrowed. The BB Clinic and Beauty Center surgeons can also alter the angle between your nose and your upper lip.

Why choose rhinoplasty?

• If your nose is misshapen due to an injury or accident
• If you have been unhappy with the size or shape of your nose since you were a child
• If you have certain breathing issues, nose surgery can help, depending on the condition


The risks of rhinoplasty

Just like any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with nose surgery however this is a safe and simple procedure. When you contact us for an online consultation these will be made clear to you. If you have any queries at all about your procedure, please ask us as many questions as you wish. Risks differ from patient to patient depending on certain factors however our surgeons have an excellent track record of outstanding results.

The facts

Procedure time: 1-2 hours
Anesthesia: Local with sedation or general
Possible side effects: temporary discomfort, bruising around the eyes and nose, a little bleeding, stuffy nose, possible burst blood vessels leading to very small permanent red spots
Back to work: 1-2 days
Strenuous activity: 2-3 weeks
Final appearance: 1 year or more

Please note that this should only be used as a guide

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